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How to Become a Trustee

  1. There shall be, at all times, be seven Trustees.  Four of the Trustees shall be Members that reside on the Reserve and three shall be Trustees that reside off of the Reserve.  The term for all subsequent Trustees is three years.
  2. The Chief and Council are notified by the Board of Trustees of subsequent Trustees whose term are near expiring, and Trustee vacancies are posted by Chief and Council.
  3. Chief and Council will establish a Selection Committee of five members – one shall be a member of the First Nation and three shall be not a member of the First Nation.
  4. If sufficient candidates have submitted applications, the Selection Committee will receive the applications.  The Selection Committee shall consider the applications, interview the candidate, and make the selection of the Trustee or Trustees and advise the Council of the selection(s).  The Council will confirm selection(s) by BCR and a letter of offer will be sent to the selected Trustee(s). 

Roles and Responsibilities of the Trustees

The Board of Trustees shall act in good faith in dealings with the Trust Property and perform all obligations and duties under the Trust Agreement faithfully, honestly and to the best of their ability without purpose of personal gain.

Duties of Trustees:

    • Maintain adequate records of all transactions affecting the Trust Property
    • Provide statements to Auditor within 30 days of fiscal year end and audit to be completed within 90 days of each fiscal year
    • Provide monthly financial statements and approved Audit to Chief and Council
    • Information to Council – a list of current address of each Trustee, copy of minutes of meetings of the Trustees, copy of all transactions affecting the Trust Property when requested by Council
    • Access to records – membership can view minutes and other documentation at the Trustee office with the presence of a Trustee
    • Attend all Trustee meetings,
    • Report to members within 120 days of the end of each fiscal year, a written report summarizing activities of the Trust during the past fiscal year
    • Trustees shall meet at least once in each fiscal year – AGM
    • Monitoring of investments, evaluation of Fund’s performance and community of the Fund’s performance with the membership
    • A Trustee is not responsible for acts after he or she ceased to be a Trustee
    • Indemnity and Responsibilities for Acts article under 13.10 and 13.11
    • Reserve Status of Land Purchases

Preston Smoke (he/him/his): Off-Reserve

Trustee term – August 25, 2019 – August 24, 2024, Chairman 2020

  • My name is Preston Smoke. I currently work as a Commercial Property Underwriter for SGI. I received my Chartered Insurance Designation (CIP) a couple years ago and am currently taking Risk Management. When I finish risk management, my plan is to get a degree in Business.
  • I was always curious about the Trust and what the trustees’ responsibilities were. Even though I moved to Regina over 10 years ago, I would always think about Fishing Lake. I figured, that as a trustee, I could do my part to try and help fishing lake grow and prosper. Being an Underwriter, my job is all about assessing risk and, I think as a trustee, that is an invaluable skill to have.
  • I started my 3-year term as a trustee Aug 2019 and that will continue until Aug 2021. I will say that being a trustee is way more complicated than I anticipated and a lot harder too. I do enjoy it and am learning a lot. I encourage anyone who is curious about the Trust to apply when openings become available. Your eyes open and you truly understand how difficult it is and understand why things are done. We always want to do what is best for the members, but we have to operate within the confines of what is allowed in the Trust Agreement. So many different aspects must be considered. We have to think about the Trust Agreement, the Economy and the Provincial and Federal Governments, among other things. The way these all intersect can be fascinating and challenging.
  • I thought about the Trust for years and I’m glad I finally applied. I operate objectively and professionally and always do my best. I hope my tenure as a trustee will be reflected upon positively.

Rhonda Kayseas (she/her/hers): On-Reserve

Trustee term – August 25, 2019 – August 24, 2024, Chair Person 2019

  • Aneen, My spirit name is Kinew Ikwe, my late uncle Robert Kayseas gave me my name. My legal name is Rhonda. My last name Kayseas was my great grandfather’s name. I am the youngest daughter of the late Jerry Kayseas and Florence Kayseas from the Fishing Lake First Nation.
  • When I was 15 and 16 years old I worked in the summer student employment program in Fishing Lake First Nation. We were tasked to do research of our First Nation and the land surrendered. Those were great summers! Hanging out with my friends, making a pay cheque and learning the rich history of our Nation. So, what I took from those summers doing research was the love I developed for history and the importance of knowing who you are and where you come from.
  • My hope and goal of mine was to one day be a Trustee on the 1907 FLFN Trust! This goal was attained on August 25, 2019. I am grateful to serve as a Trustee and will serve the Trust with integrity and in good faith. I look forward to the next 3 years.

Petrina Nanaquwetung: On-Reserve

Trustee term – August 25, 2023 – August 24, 2026

  • Currently, an on-reserve member, is the managing Health Director for Chamkun Health Centre in Fishing Lake First Nation. My studies include Criminal Justice Studies in Lethbridge, Alberta in 2000-2002 and Paralegal Diploma in 2012. A mother of six, 3 grandbabies and 2 family dogs whom live across Canada and the United States.  

  • In the past, some of my related work history and committee positions included, PSE Member, Security Officer and a Corrections Officer. In my Health Career, I’ve conducted a Traditional Workshop for Nurses, advocated on Diabetes Awareness at Workshops and Seminars, not only for myself being diabetic but for my community. In my free time I enjoy bingo, hunting and fishing with my spouse. A slight passion for storms and tornado chasing, while celebrating holidays and being a part of the traditional celebrations. Although travelling is exciting, I love being home surrounded by my family.  

  • As a Board of Trustee, it will be  an honor to uphold my fiduciary duty while serving the people in our community. 

Beverly Smoke: On-Reserve

Term August 25, 2020 – August 24, 2024

  • Anin Sigwa! Hello! My name is Beverly Smoke and I have been appointed as an on-reserve Trustee for the Fishing Lake 1907 Surrender Trust. My term expires August 2023.

  • I currently administer Fishing Lake First Nation’s Post Secondary Education Program.  I have been with the Post Secondary Education program since 2009.

  • In 2017 I had the privilege to manage the Fishing Lake 1907 Surrender Trust office for a period of 10 months.  Working as a manager for the Fishing Lake 1907 Surrender Trust office I became familiar with the roles and responsibilities of the Trustees. I am grateful and excited to be a part of the Board of Trustees and understand that my responsibility is to adhere to the Trust Agreement to the best of my ability.

Yvette McDermott – On Reserve

Trustee term – Aug 25, 2022 – August 24, 2024

  • I was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, but am a member of Fishing Lake First Nation.  My mother is Mary Kayseas McDermott.  I graduated from Mount Royal College (now a University) here in Calgary majoring in Business Administration.  From there I went on to work at one of the big firms Price Waterhouse which merged and became PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. There I worked in the small business group and one of the tax groups for over 13 years combined.  From there I briefly went to a smaller firm then on my own performing year ends, bookkeeping, GST returns, Tslips etc. 
  • In recent years I have been helping my daughter with my 3 grandchildren, but now that they are all in school full time, I am finding new ways to spend my time. In my spare time I enjoy hiking, going to events, amateur photography, renewing my book reading (it was hard to do with the 3 grandkids).  I also still have some small business clients and am working on gaining some new work (slowly).  I am looking forward to learning more about Fishing Lake and helping Fishing Lake members in this way.  I am excited to be part of the trustee team.

Darren Slippery – On Reserve

Trustee term – Aug 25, 2022 – August 24, 2025

  • Anin Sigwa, Hello. My name is Darren Slippery and I have been appointed as an on-Reserve Trustee for the Fishing Lake 1907 Surrender Trust. August 2022 to August 2025.

  • It is an honour to be selected and to serve our community members. I will serve with integrity, transparency and in good faith.

  • I look forward to the purchase of lands and to reverting them to reserve status for the benefit of our beneficiaries and community.

  • I am thrilled to be an integral part of our Trustee team. Migwetch, Thank you.