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How to Become a Trustee

There shall be, at all times, be seven Trustees.  Four of the Trustees shall be Members that reside on the Reserve and three shall be Trustees that reside off of the Reserve.  The term for all subsequent Trustees is three years.

The Chief and Council are notified by the Board of Trustees of subsequent Trustees whose term are near expiring, and Trustee vacancies are posted by Chief and Council.

Chief and Council will establish a Selection Committee of five members – one shall be a member of the First Nation and three shall be not a member of the First Nation.

If sufficient candidates have submitted applications, the Selection Committee will receive the applications.  The Selection Committee shall consider the applications, interview the candidate, and make the selection of the Trustee or Trustees and advise the Council of the selection(s).  The Council will confirm selection(s) by BCR and a letter of offer will be sent to the selected Trustee(s). 

Roles and Responsibilities of the Trustees

The Board of Trustees shall act in good faith in dealings with the Trust Property and perform all obligations and duties under the Trust Agreement faithfully, honestly and to the best of their ability without purpose of personal gain.

Duties of Trustees:

    • Maintain adequate records of all transactions affecting the Trust Property
    • Provide statements to Auditor within 30 days of fiscal year end and audit to be completed within 90 days of each fiscal year
    • Provide monthly financial statements and approved Audit to Chief and Council
    • Information to Council – a list of current address of each Trustee, copy of minutes of meetings of the Trustees, copy of all transactions affecting the Trust Property when requested by Council
    • Access to records – membership can view minutes and other documentation at the Trustee office with the presence of a Trustee
    • Attend all Trustee meetings,
    • Report to members within 120 days of the end of each fiscal year, a written report summarizing activities of the Trust during the past fiscal year
    • Trustees shall meet at least once in each fiscal year – AGM
    • Monitoring of investments, evaluation of Fund’s performance and community of the Fund’s performance with the membership
    • A Trustee is not responsible for acts after he or she ceased to be a Trustee
    • Indemnity and Responsibilities for Acts article under 13.10 and 13.11
    • Reserve Status of Land Purchases